The group identifies opportunities in the community


The group celebrates the wins of initiatives in the community


The group sets out plans and empowers each other in a call to action


Committed to helping each other impact the community, nation and world

Small Fish, Big Picture are a group committed to affirming, deploying, and equipping people to serve with the heart and mind of Business As Mission to impact the local community, nation, and the world for the Kingdom. 

There is traditionally a divide between being busy making a coin and busy making a difference.

Business as mission transverses this traditional divide. Business as mission is built on a commercially viable, for-profit business, that is highly intentional about fulfilling its mission activities.

We recognise that profit from a business can be used to support “missions” and that this is good and valid. Likewise employees can use their salary to give to charitable causes. While this should be encouraged, none of us would like to be operated on by a surgeon whose only ambition is to make money to give to mission! Instead we expect he has the right skills and drive to operate with excellence, doing his job with full professional integrity. Likewise a business as mission-business must produce more than goods and services in order to generate new wealth. It seeks to fulfill kingdom purposes and values through every aspect of its operations. A business for mission concept can limit business and business people to a role of funding the ‘real ministry’. While funding is an important function, business as mission is about for-profit businesses that have a kingdom focus.

- Business as Mission Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 59